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Pressure Sensitive Foam

Tapes Pressure Sensitive Foam. STIK-II pressure sensitive foam tapes are made better, last longer,and cost less than most other foam tapes. STIK-II is superior in quality because of an exclusive method of adhesive application and its high tack, high shear, synthetic rubber base adhesive.

1/32″ Thick
(2 sides sticky)
1/16″ Thick
(2 sides sticky)
1/8″ Thick
(2 sides sticky)
1/2″ x 36 yards: 1/2″ x 36 yards: 1/2″ W x36YD Long
3/4″ x 36 yards: 3/4″ x 36 yards: 3/4″ W x36YD Long
1″  x 36 yards: 1″  x 36 yards: 1″ W x36YD Long

Magnetic Tape

Sticky on one side.

0.030″ Thick
1/2″ x 200′
3/4″ x 200′
1″ x 200′
1 1/2″ x 200′

0.060 Thick
1/2″ x 100′
3/4″ x 100′
1″ x 100′
1 1/2″ x 100′

Weather Durable Tapes

Conformable urethane foam with a long aging high sheet adhesive on both side. These tapes offer high internal strength with a wide temperature range, (-40°F – 225°F) for general mounting and joining, or applications where cold temperature performance is required, such as snowmobiles and freezers.

3M #4052A-Black
1″ x 72 yards
3/4″ x 72 yards

A white thin (25 mil) closed cell acrylic foam with an aggressive acrylic adhesive on both side. Treated green plaid paper liner. It has excellent immediate tack and high peel strength. Used for maximum holding ability. Foam body compensates for uneven surfaces.

3M #4930
1″ x 72 yards
3/4″ x 72 yards

Joining systems with “Isotac” brand pressure sensitive performance adhesive transfer tape made of acrylic polymer supplied in roll form with siliconized poly-coated protective paper liner for ease in handling and application. It has excellent weatherability and is designed to provide long aging bonds with similar or dissimilar materials in a wide variety of industrial applications; i.e. aluminum to plastics, awnings, signs, metal-to-metal, and thousands of similar applications.

3M #9473 (10 mil)
1″ x 72 yards
3/4″ x 60 yards

Double coated urethane foam tape

3M #4016
1″ x 36 yards
3/4″ x 36 yards

Quality automotive masking tape

2 ” x 60 yards
3/4″ x 60 yards

Clear polyethylene tape, excellent for splicing polyethylene sheeting and repairing and sealing vinyl.

2″ x 36 yards

More Tapes

Also available are foam tapes with acrylic adhesive for resistance to temperature extremes (outdoor, long term use) as well as foam tapes with removable adhesives which can be used in temporary applications and then easily removed.

We can quote on die cut shapes, logos, etc. Contact us for more information.