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Specialty Paints

Grip-Gard BC Basecoat for solid, metallic and pearl colors.

Grip-Gard BC Basecoat is designed specifically to meet the color, application and quality demands of the Sign and Exhibit Manufacturers. With extremely fast tape times and a tremendous range of solid, metallic and pearl colors, Grip-Gard BC Basecoat is ideal for fast production, particularly on multicolor signs. Grip-Gard BC Basecoat must be used in conjunction with Grip-Gard BC Clearcoat in order to provide protection from the environment.

Grip-Gard BC Translucent Coatings
Grip-Gard BC Translucent Binder provides the ability to convert the Grip-Gard BC toners into a fast drying, durable backlit sign coating.
By using the same toners as in the Grip-Gard BC system, you now have the advantage of having an additional product line while carrying just one set of toners.

Grip-Gard BC Translucent Coatings are easy to spray with the superior color consistency needed to produce a smooth backlit sign with an excellent appearance.

As part of the Grip-Gard BC intermix system, a sign shop is able to mix and match thousands of colors including Pantone® and 3M™ vinyl standards plus thousands of corporate program colors. Grip-Gard BC Translucent offers the widest color spectrum in the industry.

Grip-Gard BC Translucent adheres to most plastic substrates including acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS and most flexible vinyl.

And as with all AkzoNobel products, you can count on Grip-Gard BC Translucent Coatings to be the quality leader in the market.

Grip-Gard EFx-LV
The NEW Grip-Gard EFx-LV system is engineered to speed application and productivity for the sign industry. A new industry standards has emerged with an expanded color palette, enhanced color tinting accuracy and streamlined gloss adjustment, all through a VOC flexible, single toner system. That’s not all the system has to offer! EFx-LV Effects provides reflective, textures, and decorative surface treatments that create endless options for creativity and customer satisfaction.


Specialty Paints & Products for Sign • Branding • Re-Imaging

Q-PRIM™ Primers consist of several primer systems for application on aluminum, steel, acrylics, polycarbonates, wood, PVC, fiberglass, vinyl, sign foam and other difficult to paint surfaces. Low in VOC’s and HAPS these primers meet the need of today’s environmental standards.

Q-COLR™ Uniquely formulated to provide extremely durable, fast hiding, bright colors for branding, re-imaging and other specialty industries. It’s specially formulated, high pigmented colorants are all you need. These colorants can be mix with a variety of uniquely formulated clear bases to provide four different paint systems allowing maximum flexibility with minimal inventory stocking requirement.

Q-COAT DC™ Display Coating is designed to meet the requirements of painting solvent sensitive foams, plastics and rigid PVC type materials. It is formulated with special resins and UV resistant pigments to provide a durable, fast dry, single component, acrylic based product. Used extensively on wayfinding, plaques, signage, and interior/exterior displays or wherever plastic type substrates needs to be coated quickly and cost effectively.

Q-COAT UC™ Urethane Coating is formulated with Low VOC, high performance resins and UV non-fading pigments to provide a highly durable, chemically resistant, and environmentally friendly coating that stands up to extreme weathering conditions.

Q_COAT TC™ Transparent Coating is used in the manufacture of plastic backlit signage, it’s a combination of high performance acrylic resins, pigments, special solvents and additives to assure maximum non-mottling spray application and long-term product performance. Available in conventional VOC or environmental friendly Low VOC and HAPS.