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Jewelite Trim

Jewelite Trim

Item Price
3/4″ (150′ rolls) $ 66.10
1″ (10′ lengths & 150′ rolls) $ 0.49/foot
2″ (10′ lengths & 100′ rolls) $ 0.89/foot

Gold Leaf

Ditta Guisto Manetti · Chinese Glass Gold Leaf

Australian Patent Gold Leaf · Foreign Patent Gold Leaf

Quick & Slow Size for Application
Available in:
1/4 pint (fast only)
1/2 pint

1) Gold Leaf is 3-3/8″ x 3-3/8″
2) A book contains 25 leaves, a pack contains 20 books
3) A pack of 500 leaves cover 39.5 sq.ft.

Surface Gold
Surface gold leaf may have a few irregularities and is often used where double gilding is required or the leaf will be distressed or toned.

Patent Gold
Patent gold leaf, also referred to as transfer leaf, is gold leaf mounted to special tissue paper by a pressure process. A book of patent gold leaf is assembled by placing each unit of gold leaf and tissue paper between pieces of thin rouged paper. The gilder can then be remove one leaf at a time without disturbing the remainder leaves.

Glass Gold
This term applies to gold leaf which is selected for it’s higher quality having fewer pinholes and irregularities.

Loose Gold
A book of loose gold leaf is assembled by placing each piece of gold leaf between pieces of thin roughed paper. The gilder can then remove one leaf at a lime without disturbing the remaining leaves. It is removed from the book with a gilder’s tip, a flat natural hair brush.

Please Call for quote.

Vinyl Sign Material

We sell both Avery and Arlon products.


Anagraph Blades (after market)
$18.50 each

Gerber 30″ Blades (after market)
$12.00 each, 3 for $30.00

Roland Blades (after market)
$19.50 each

Graphtec Blades
$31.00 each

Allen Datagraph Blades
$25.00 each

$4.00 each


7 Year Reflective Engineer

Size Price
15″ x 10 yards


30″ x 10 yards


15″ x 50 yards


30″ x 50 yards


9 Year HP Premium Colors A9

Size Price
15″ x 10 yards


15″ x 50 yards


24″ x 10 yards


24″ x 50 yards


30″ x 10 yards


30″ x 50 yards


48″ x 50 yards


NOTE: Black & White Less 10%

6 Year Colors A6

Size Price
15″ x 50 yards


24″ x 50 yards


30″ x 50 yards


48″ x 50 yards


NOTE: Black & White Less 5%

5-7 Year Metallic – All Colors

Size Price
15″ x 10 yards


30″ x 10 yards


15″ x 50 yards


30″ x 50 yards


6 Year Translucent – All Colors

Size Price
15″ x 10 yards


30″ x 10 yards


15″ x 50 yards


30″ x 50 yards


Gold Leaf / Silver Leaf

Size Price
15″ x 10 yards


15″ x 50 yards


Sign Gold Real Gold Leaf

Size Price
15″ x 2 yards


15″ x 5 yards


24″ x 2 yards


24″ x 5 yards


Drawing Paper

Size Price
15″ x 500′


30″ x 300′



Size Price
15″ x 50 yards



30″ x 50 yards



Arlon Application Tape

Size Price

















Size Price















Roland Ribbon Cartridges for Color Cam Pro PC-60

Description Colors Price
4 Color Wax

C, M, Y, K

$9.99 each

4 Color Process Resin
3 yr Outdoor

C, M, Y, K

$16.99 each

Resin Spot Color

Blue or Red

$19.99 each

Resin Spot Special

Gold, Silver, or White

$24.99 each

Avery specialty series vinyls

Frosted Films-Etchmark Price
15″x10 YD


15″x50 YD
24″x10 YD
24″x50 YD
30″x10 YD
30″x50 YD
Metallized Brushed Chrome Price
15″x10 YD
15″x50 YD
Brushed Gold Price
15″x10 YD
15″x50 YD
Metalized Diamond Plate Price
15″x10 YD
15″x50 YD
Chrome Mirror Price
15″x10 YD
Gold Mirror Price
15″x10 YD


Small Engine Turn/Engine Turn Price
15″x10 YD
15″x50 YD


Komacel® is a particularly robust integral skin-foam sheet made of sold PVC according to the Celuka process. Komacel® has a smooth, firm outer skin with a silk gloss finish; this makes it especially suitable for screen printing and it has quickly become recognized as a superior material for the advertising industry. Komacel® vinyl sheets are also used for all industrial applications where resistance to dampness, weathering and aggressive substances is required.

We currently stock the following:



$3.21/sq ft



$5.49/sq ft



$6.57/sq ft

If you need a thick, weather resistant, durable sign blank which will take paint or vinyl letters, we will cut your blanks to size. Add 10% to the above prices.

Komacel® is a very hard, rigid, high density, weatherproof white foam vinyl sheet which ideally can be used in signs and display work. Also ideal for glass co.’s for use in windows and parapets. Building contractors and carpenters can use for bathroom counters, walls, panels, etc. Samples, more literature, and working directions will be supplied on request.


PolyCarve is a high-density, rigid thermoplastic formulated to provide the best physical characteristics for the type of laminated sheet used in the modern signmaking processes. During the coextrusion process, a high-strength skin-to-core bond is achieved which won’t peel, crack, or chip during routing or engraving operations. Today’s signmaking technology, with its computerized routing and engraving techniques demands materials that can be machined, welded, and fabricated to perfection quickly and easily…and with a minimum of finishing.

Finished PolyCarve signs can take any punishment the weather or climate can dish out. UV-stabilized PolyCarve resist fading and will not delaminate. Not only do PolyCarve signs take sub-zero cold, they also take heat, rain, and wind. Users can expect years of trouble-free service in any climate.

We are now stocking PolyCarve in the following sizes:

24″ x 48″
32″ x 48″
48″ x 72″
48″ x 98″

All are 1/2″ thick, and all are priced at $6.02 per square foot.

Available colors are:

Tan Green Tan
Blue White Blue
Red White Red
White Black White
Black White Black

Signmakers need a tough, strong material that won’t chip or peel during routing. And since so many of today’s applications are for outdoor use, finished signs and billboards must be able to stand up to a wide range or environmental conditions. Signmakers also need a versatile thermoplastic sheet that will provide them with the most design and graphic options.

PolyCarve is a unique nonstick, nonabsorbent material that helps protect against damage from markers or spray paint. Graffiti wipes off in seconds using the appropriate cleaning solution.

Outdoor signs are especially vulnerable to knocks and bruises from people as well as from nature. Impact-resistant PolyCarve won’t crack or chip, so it’s perfect for thwarting the sticks and stones of mischievous vandals.

PolyCarve is also ideal for store fronts, storm door panels, public restrooms, office partitions. Samples and factory brochures are available upon request. Contact us for more information.

Any comination of products from the above lists amounting to over $200 will be shipped U.P.S prepaid anywhere in the U.S.A.