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Celus Blind Rivets

Type of Rivet Code # Grip Range (inches) Quantity Per Ctn
Aluminum AA32D



AA34D .126-.187 10M
AD41ABS .031-.062 1M
AD42ABS .063-.125 1M
AD43ABS .126-.187 1M
AD44ABS .188-.250 1M
AD45ABS .251-.312 1M
AD46ABS .313-.375 1M
AD48ABS .376-.500 1M
AD410ABS .501-.625 1M
AD42ABS LF .031-.125 1M
AD44ABS LF .126-.250 1M
AD62ABS .063-.125 1M
AD64ABS .126-.250 1M
AD66ABS .251-.375 1M
AD68ABS .376-.500 1M


SD42BS .063-.125 1M
SD43BS .126-.187 1M
SD44BS .188-.250 1M

Stainless Steel

SSD42SSBS .031-.125 1M
SSD43SSBS .126-.187 1M
SSD44SSBS .188-.250 1M
SSD46SSBS .251-.375 1M

AD42ABS and AD44ABS are available (in stock) in white, bronze, red and black.  Full brochure showing complete line of Blind Rivets products available on request.

Call for prices and catalog on Cold Form Fasteners.